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Integrated Synthetic Fuel Incorporated(IsFuelinc) du secteur pétrolier recrute

(Le 18/02/19 à 14:40 par KERAWA)
Date: 18/02/19 à 14:40
Prix: 0 FCFA
Type de contrat CDI
Niveau d'expérience 3 à 5 ans d'expérience
Mobilité Mobilité nationale
Horaires Temps plein
Spécialité Industrie/Production


Title: Production Engineer

Responsibilities of the job include:

planning and organising production schedules
assessing project and resource requirements
estimating, negotiating and agreeing budgets and timescales with clients and managers
ensuring that health and safety regulations are met
determining quality control standards
overseeing production processes
re-negotiating timescales or schedules as necessary
selecting, ordering and purchasing materials
organising the repair and routine maintenance of production equipment
liaising with buyers and marketing and sales staff

Key skills

Technical skills
Project management skills
Organisation and efficiency
Leadership and interpersonal skills
Problem solving skills

Job Location: Yaoundé
Company: ISFuel Inc

About Company:
Integrated Synthetic Fuel Incorporated is committed to the discovery and the successful production of the fuels required
for enhancing and preserving the fuel requirements for generation to come.
Once we have developed our fuel & the processes required to produce the fuel, we will then move to developing the relationships required to start fuel production. Our goal is to aid in the creation of a domestic fuel production from domestic feedstock.
In addition to our internal fuel development efforts, we will also extend our research & development skills to other alternative fuel production companies that may required services we can provide. While we are a cooperative company, we also realize the need for joint efforts to secure a domestic supply of fuel.


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